Tak til Rahbaek for støtte til hjemmesiden
You and me both Bobkiller ;) men shhh
Hej Bo Det lyder godt
Velkommen tilbage Bo :)
dejligt at vide bob .

Info about us.

Old gamers in many skill levels, playing alot of different games, mostly the Battlefield series.

sign up and enjoy your stay.

Farming 2017

[2G] VM_59_DK aCLCrew posted Oct 2, 16

Better battlelog extension

[2G] Grayfoot aCrew posted Sep 24, 16

For Chrome: 

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[2G] VM_59_DK CLCrew  published Battlefield 1: Forest Trench Warfare - Through Mud and Blood Story Campaign Mission (1080p 60fps) on News
[2G] VM_59_DK CLCrew  published BATTLEFIELD 1 Single Player Campaign Gameplay on News
[2G] VM_59_DK CLCrew  published Farming 2017 on News
[2G] Grayfoot Crew  published Better battlelog extension on News
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