Hyggeligt du kom forbi Kokken
nice :)
Wazaaa... kom lige forbi ;)
Vi byder Hammurabis velkommen til 2G som endnu et nyt medlem
game * :)

Info about us.

Old gamers in many skill levels, playing alot of different games, mostly the Battlefield series.

sign up and enjoy your stay.

Battlefield One Live

[2G] VM_59_DK aCLCrew posted Thu at 23:55

Cannon fodder by Stonie02

[2G] VM_59_DK aCLCrew posted Aug 13, 16

[2G] VM_59_DK aCLCrew God gammel Amiga spil som en forløber til nutidens First Person Shooter

Nyhed fra Battlefield One

[2G] VM_59_DK aCLCrew posted Aug 12, 16

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